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About me

I am Alysson Ribeiro, Brazilian, currently working in Munich, Germany.
I am a passionate full-stack software developer with knowledge in a variety of fields.
I am professionaly developing software since 2019.
I am experienced in web-service development, using agile and modern methodologies.
My favorite stack is Go with Mongo, ReactJS and TypeScript.

Stack Summary

Here I describe a bit about the stacks I use, my experience and opinion over them.
You can click to expand them.
I worked professionally with Go over 4 years, since 2019.
I am very confident in designing, writing and reviewing Go code.
You can check my many Go open-source repositories on my Github.
I have written API handlers, controllers, integrations and unit tests, including complex pipelines and aggregations.
I worked professionaly for 1 year, in 2019.
I did an API to integrate with ImageMagick and ffmpeg, to render videos from a queue inside Google Cloud.
I used TypeScript for 2 years, for Raccoon Digital Marketing and for freelancing.
I am very fond of static types, as it avoids simple errors during compilation time.
I consider myself pretty experienced with statically typed systems, and prefer using TypeScript whenever possible.
I am very proeficient with Mongo, as I studied and received plenty of consultancy for it.
I did heavy workflows under it, aggregating and upserting data from pipelines, doing complex aggregation pipelines,
usage of Geo-filters, Bucketing, etc.
I used Postgres for over 2 years, professionaly and in pet projects.
I studied about data normalization and relational data in general.
I am not confident in large scale utilization of Postgres, and might need to study before doing so.
Grafana + Prometheus
I did plenty of observability and monitoring with Grafana + Prometheus.
I developed useful dashboards for monitoring availability and resource usage for web-services.
I did 2 years of professional usage of ReactJS, including freelancing.
I used it for SPA and an e-commerce page.
I am well familiarized with the component life-cycle and react-hooks.
I used Kubernetes all my career, I can't conceive the development of a complex cloud system without Kubernetes.
I know how to retrieve information, control releases, manage deployments and horizontal scaling.
I prefer using the tool k9s for interacting with Kubernetes locally, increasing my efficiency a lot.


Here is a detailed list of all my responsibilities through my previous jobs.